Global Intelligence

SEAK Global Ltd monitor global news and intelligence 24/7, relating to all manner of risks including political and civil unrest, terrorism and armed conflict, piracy and maritime incidents, health and severe weather warnings.

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Risk Management Platform

Our globally available, secure risk management platform provides real time situational awareness of your people, assets and facilities in a single display.

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Information Assurance & Security

Also known as Cyber, SEAK Global offers Business Assessment, Penetration Testing and Cyber Awareness courses for your business through our corporate and government experienced consultants.

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The SEAK platform, developed over six years, is a globally available, secure risk management platform providing real time situational awareness of your people, assets and facilities within a single display and platform.

The platform delivers 24/7 tracking, monitoring, intelligence and travel risk management services from an advanced UK response and alert centre.

Our innovative tracking technology can help safeguard personnel anywhere in the world, while our monitoring software allows for remote viewing of global assets from any secure internet enabled device. Coupled with global news and intelligence specific to your route, destination or interest, the platform provides a common operating picture tailored to your requirements.

Services are available at various subscription levels and can be tailored to your specific needs: whether fulfilling your duty of care responsibilities, educating travelling employees or full tracking and monitoring services.


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The SEAK Global Platform

The SEAK Global Platform also integrates into a number of different hardware devices, including but not limited to:

  • GPS Tracking Devices
  • Access Control Systems
  • IP Based CCTV
  • APNR Cameras
  • Telematics Camera Technology

Technology truly affects almost everything in our life therefore the right technology/software or hardware can make the difference in hours, days or even weeks of time on critical tasks. Many of our successful corporate customers are applying SEAK Global modules and solutions across their lines of business.

The SEAK Global Platform Hardware

So if you're looking for the correct technology to run your business, with rewarding benefits, then contact us now and we can discuss your requirements.