SAFEBusiness is a centralised cloud platform and integrated mobile app that enhances the physical and mental wellbeing of your people, communicates messages, and provides proactive support.

SAFEBusiness connects employees to their organisation and supports their physical and mental wellbeing. Able to integrate within existing HSE infrastructure and delivered via a centralised cloud platform and integrated mobile app, SAFEBusiness includes the six core modules below, alongside two optional specialist services ensuring comprehensive physical and mental wellbeing cover.

Unlike app only solutions, all SAFEBusiness user and activity data is securely stored within the organisation platform and in addition to six platform and app modules, SEAK offers through integrated partners two specialist services enhancing your support:

Foundations – Mental Wellbeing Resources

User-accessed mental health support, guidance, and therapy delivered via deep-link app-to-app transfer that protects SAFEBusiness users’ data, keeping it separate and confidential. Foundations provides evidence-based techniques and sequential therapies from Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, mindfulness, and positive psychology, created by behavioural experts at our partners Koa Health.

ARC – Physical Wellbeing Support

For 24/7 or out-of-hours cover, SAFEBusiness integrates directly with our UK NSI Gold accredited Alarm Receiving Centre partner, able to monitor, respond to, and resolve alerts following specialist protocols, including the authority to expedite directly to Police and public emergency services.


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